Zincalume® the extraordinary steel.

In the Caribbean, we search for materials which can withstand the test of time.
We admire durability and repurposing.  Our environment demands it.

Sea blast, high winds and storm conditions, harsh rains and sunshine all serve to erode our way of life.  As does availability.

‘Maintenance free’ is a God send, even although that promise is often far from the truth.

Products which once had a remarkable endurance and gave us endless confidence In noteworthy brands, now seem to have a three year shelf life, irreplaceable parts, tamper proof warranties and defy reputation.

ECMIL is a forward looking, science and quality driven company, but we get very old-fashioned and conservative when it comes to the promise associated with our products.

Our market is driven by function over form; by durability.

That’s why we wish to draw your attention to Zincalume® steel.

It is cold rolled, galvanised steel, with a metal coating composed of Aluminium (55%), Zinc (43,4%) and Slicium (1,6%).

is suitable for the creation of:

  • roofing and flashing
  • wall cladding
  • gutters and downpipes
  • fences
  • steel house frames
  • garage doors
  • garden sheds
  • vehicle exhaust components
  • flues
  • The catchment, transmission and storage of rainwater

It even surpasses the galvanised steel standard of 70 years without loss of strength and outperforms the same with corrosion.  It has high thermal efficiency and has become the material of choice when keeping a building warmer in winter and colder in summer.

When Zincalume® is combined with, Carbon Steel, superior strength roofing screws, quality T1-11 plywood roof covering and PLYCO Ply-Foil® Roofing Insulation, you have a well secured construction which reduces the radiant heat of a Caribbean sun by as much as 70%.

This environmentally friendly approach, in turn, reduces the dependancy on energy consumption used in electrically driven A/C units. Instead, it presents maximum opportunity to use well positioned natural ventilation and air flow, in the initial architectural design and adds to its ‘green’ characteristics.

Zincalume® is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, manufactured in an eco friendly process which includes acid regeneration and effluent treatment in the manufacturing line.

It possesses excellent corrosion resistance, under many atmospheric conditions, and therefore offers distinctive benefits, which include being formable, weldable and paintable, with uniform and consistent quality and finish, heat resistant up to 315° C.

We primarily offer Zincalume® as a roof sheeting, in 24, 25 and 26 gauge, in three remarkable profiles to suit a range of styles.  

The overall formed sheet width is 32” (81.28cm), with a sheet overlap of 2” (5.08cm), so building calculations should state the sheet width as 30” (76.2cm).  We also supply ridge capping and flashing.

Spanish Tile Profile

107 Profile

10/3 Profile

Further to this, consider using Zincalume® in other and often novel ways.  Discuss your idea with our knowledgeable sales staff.  We are often asked to create custom work, from drawings which you should supply.

At ECMIL we want to know that your project, big or small, is a success. Knowing our products and how they can be used goes a long way to achieving this.

Contact us today and discover how Zincalume® steel can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary, while assisting the environment and extending the lifespan of your construction.

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NB. This is a news article for general information purposes only, not intended, at any point, to contradict or supersede official government directives in separate states, throughout the Caribbean region.  Please refer to local standards and protocols accordingly, prior to taking appropriate action.  As an incentive to the reader, information should be researched and advice sought from architectural and construction professionals, to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory, or within the limitations of their construction's architecture.  ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's construction solutions to customers.