ECMIL supplies quality steel and redefines effective regional construction

ECMIL supplies quality steel
and redefines effective regional construction

An effective construction plan can truly guarantee comfort, protection, and peace of mind with quality steel.

For the Caribbean, steel is the material of choice, combined with weather resistant design and engineering.  The net effect is to largely reduce vulnerability, by using a reliable roofing system with excellent wall and slab strength.

Rolls of Quality Steel

From Foundation to Roof
East Caribbean Metals Industries Limited supplies quality steel products to the Caribbean and is redefining strength and durability in the regional construction industry, by ensuring that only quality steel, which meets international standards, is used in all our products.

Our source materials are environmentally friendly,
energy efficient and green.
Steel products have the highest recycling rate of all the recycled materials being around 90%, as it is easily separated from other materials. 

Bluescope Steel -

 Courtesy BlueScope Steel

New steel is then made with 30% recycled steel, using considerably less energy to extrude, against primary steel, which requires new ingredients and extensive cleaning.

Steel can be recycled many times over it’s lifespan, without losing its efficacy, while decreasing it’s impact on the environment.

Our products are successful.

The five quality layers of Colorbond

They are an essential combination of science, quality & style, to meet an ever evolving Caribbean market, which is influenced as much by building codes, as by fashion.

ECMIL Quality Products

ECMIL offers our customers manufacturer advantages of cost, customisation & prompt delivery, making us the best choice in Caribbean steel construction materials.

high performance roof sheeting

Colorbond® & Zincalume® high performance Roof Sheeting, our flagship products, are designed to resist the ravages of the elements. 

Colorbond® brand

They carry sophisticated coatings to enhance durability and when installed in conjunction with Plyfoil® reflective roof insulation, reduce 96% of radiant roof heat.

Plyco PlyFoil® Reflective insulation

Plyco Ply-Foil

  • 13 Colorbond® colours and Zincalume®
  • 3 gauges of high quality steel
         (Z - 24, 25 26 gauge / CB - 24 & 25 gauge)
  • 3 outstanding profiles
  • matching ridge capping, flashing & roofing screws
  • bat proofing
  • sealant tape
  • K-Style Aluminium Guttering
Spanish Tile 107 and 10 3 Profiles
Colorbond® colours
bat proofing sealant tap and roofing screws

ECMIL’s suite of products
are designed to work together.

Beyond an exemplary roofing system, we supply foundation, storage and security steel.

Our fabricated items include:

  • mild & high tensile steel re-bars
  • welded mesh
  • galvanised and wire nails
  • custom fabrication
  • chain link fencing, poles & fittings
  • barbed wire
  • galvanised water tanks 
  • wheelbarrows

East Caribbean Plastics Industries Limited, our subsidiary, manufactures PVC/ CPVC pipes & electrical conduits:

  • DWV pipes
  • PVC Schedule 40 pipes
  • PVC Electrical Conduits

& a wealth of product, construction & shipping knowledge, for every project, derived from over forty years of steel supply to the region.

ECMIL prompt regional delivery


Our strong working relationships with regional shippers, enable ECMIL to maintain reliable supply of materials to our customers. 

All of our products can be shipped separately or consolidated to take advantage of shipped and on site container space.

From container, to flat rack, or break bulk, ECMIL has a regional reputation for cost effective, timely delivery.

Contact us today and discovery why we are
ECMIL The Steel of The region.

we ship directly to you
NB. This article is for general information purposes only and is meant as an incentive to the reader, who should then research and seek advice from their architectural and construction professionals to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory or within the limitations of their home's architecture. ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's roofing solutions to customers.

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