quality steel

Quality Steel.

Steel is a core product, providing strength, resistance and durability to any construction and works well in the Caribbean, with concrete and timber building elements.

We manufacture all of our fabricated products from quality steel.  This essentially means steel which contains the appropriate ingredients, is processed within quality guidelines and satisfies performance tests to ensure its efficacy for expected uses.

Our principle consideration is durability.  We live in a environment with high levels of elemental erosion and potential damage.  Rust, salt, wind and water, heat, UV, temperature fluctuation, all potentially affect steel performance, all at different rates.  Quality and correct usage combat these deteriorations and maintain construction strength.

As we traverse the COVID-19 pandemic in the construction sector, introduce stringent protocols in health and safety, implement better deployment of staff and machinery to reduce risk and transmission, we must look to reliable common denominators to secure each and every building site.  

Reliable steel products and indeed, all reliable materials must play an active role in regaining the industry’s momentum and security.

If steel is our core, then experience and relationships are equally central to our customers’ trust.  ECMIL is known throughout the region for reliable and timely supply, built on our understanding of our customers and their reliance on our diverse range of quality steel products, at excellent factory prices.

There are four distinctive elements which satisfy our regional market.  Prompt supply, timely shipping, a useful combination of competitively priced materials and consolidation of products for shipping.

We recently added to our line of chain link fencing, by providing fence poles, rails and fittings; one stop for security.  Our roof sheeting range includes matching custom flashing, roofing screws, sealant tape, bat proofing, K-Style guttering and Ply-Foil Roofing Insulation; one stop for protection. 

Our water policy begins with highest quality roofing steel, feeding valuable rainwater to aluminium guttering, which in turn is transferred to reliable PVC piping, then collected in custom built steel storage tanks, or piped to external runoffs and drains.

Our combinations, shipped together, enable our customers to get a jump start on the job, with all of the components at hand. 

This is not by chance.  Each item has a function, arrived at by a process.  We design all of our products to integrate, reduce delay and maximise site and budget efficiency.  Furthermore, we know our regional and environmental demands and evolve our comprehensive range to suit constantly changing building requirements and standards.

ECMIL combines considerable construction knowledge, regional supply experience and environmental understanding, to provide our customers with materials and knowhow to meet the considerable challenges of our Caribbean life.

Our markets are reopening across the region, in the midst of storm season.
As we embrace a different style of living, it’s time to reorganise, update priorities and integrate better materials, construction and durability, to maintain our shelter and security.  

Make a list, call our knowledgeable sales staff today and discovery how steel will improve our new future.

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Storms and Common Sense
With the incidence and magnitude of our recent storms, its only common sense to ‘up our game’ in practical terms, to meet these new forces of nature. It’s always time to be smart about safety, but now we must be as proactive as possible to protect our families and property.

NB. This is a news article for general information purposes only, not intended, at any point, to contradict or supersede official government directives in separate states, throughout the Caribbean region.  Please refer to local standards and protocols accordingly, prior to taking appropriate action.  As an incentive to the reader, information should be researched and advice sought from architectural and construction professionals, to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory, or within the limitations of their construction's architecture.  ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's construction solutions to customers.