Roofing Accessories

Bat Proofing Strips

Dramatically reduce under-sheet roof penetration
by insects, bats and rodents.

Available in all profiles (10/3 , 107 & Spanish Tile)
and Universal Bat Strips, for under-sheet or under ridge cap use, sheet wide.

welding mesh

Sealant Tape

A high adhesion double sided tape, recommended for use in roofing. When applied appropriately,
the tape maintains the integrity of roofing sheet edges, reducing lift due to sustained high winds
and undersheet penetration by the elements.

Available in: 3/4″ [19mm] wide roll
45 feet [13.9m] long.

trapizoidal profile

Roofing Screws

Our Roofing Screws, which are tested in extreme environmental conditions, are made from Carbon Steel giving superior strength.

The unique unthreaded upper section of the screw reduces the effects of oxidization on the area not embedded in rafters or purlins. The washer is made from a much more durable rubber than neoprine, reducing early deterioration and breakage.

Available in:
Matching colours 
25mm [1″] 14 gauge or 62mm [2.5″] 9 gauge

25mm [1″] 14 gauge or 62mm [2.5″] 9 gauge

Ply-Foil Roofing Insulation

Ply-Foil is a multilayer, reflective insulation, which comes in rolls
for use in both specialty and standard construction projects.

Two outer layers of metalized film reflect 96% of the radiant heat.
Each layer of film is bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength.
The inner layers of bubble-pack resist conductive heat flow, while a center
layer of polyethylene gives Ply-Foil additional strength.

Available in 5 foot wide rolls, 75 feet long.

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