Design and the Future, post Corona

Now that we have embraced our ‘changed’ circumstances, by vaccination, distancing and masks, we must embark on a period of serious reevaluation.

How will lifestyles, industries and environments evolve,
to accommodate long term protection from future pandemics and the mutation of existing strains?  Will we be ready?

Without a change in mindset, we will potentially fall into the same future traps which have blocked us during COVID 19.

Many businesses, who were sluggish or disinterested in
pre-pandemic online platforms and thinking, have since gone
to the wall.

This is not new to the development of retailer or consumer tastes, especially in our region, but when we were all asked, somewhat abruptly and hurriedly, to take many leaps of faith, ‘not ready’ was an understatement.  More were just skeptical.  

Equally, we see this in the checkered response to vaccinations, especially when we are in large part, dependant upon tourism and its obvious economic benefit, for our continued survival.

What is definite, is the future of space, air and forward thinking in this new design paradigm of construction.

We once saw large, and often unwieldy homes as the antithesis of our labour.  Those banana days turning every home to a sprawling castle.  

Recession, retrenchment and shifting economic focus changed all of that.  Construction evolved with better materials and tooling, to meet the needs of shallow pockets.  

Now we must build to what we need.

We must look to greater space between us, from home to office, with wider hallways, corridors and living spaces, natural air flow, more compact and multi purpose environments, which are easily sustainable for long term occupation.

Our homes are yet again our castles, but this time to protect our lives and livelihoods, rather than sport our success.

ECMIL prompt regional delivery

ECMIL has weathered many storms and many recoveries over its forty plus years in the Caribbean, with a consistent supply of reliable building materials, readily available at ex-factory prices.

We carry a comprehensive selection of products to develop the most innovative of buildings, to secure our new way of living, while still paying clear attention to the annual threat of hurricanes and floods.

Storm products

Our company welcomes new approaches to meet all our current global issues.  From water management and storage, to secure foundation works and reliable roofing, made from recycled steel, tested in the harshest of conditions.

We recommend our products to further maintain environmental responsibility as well as comfort.  

In the Caribbean, the oldest story is to work with what we have available.  

We are islands.  Much is imported.  Therefore we have built a range of fabricated steel items which exceed many of their extra regional versions.  

We recognise that cost, availability and lifespan of any product is a necessity in an environment prone to constant deterioration.

Our homes and constructions have taken on a new significance. How we live “in the now” has become of critical importance.

From compartmentalised communities and better communications to connect with our families, to shared resources and safe, purpose built facilities to protect our senior citizens, we must distance together and find ways to maximise being connected, without risk.  

These are times of adversity, not impossibility.

If you take a proactive approach to meet these present and future challenges, consult with draughtsmen, builders, architects and online resources, to see how this  new world can be brought into your space and redevelop your construction.  

Environmentally conscious and reliable materials, less waste, and management and repurposing of natural resources, will go a long way to mould a better future for our region.

Then contact our knowledgeable sale staff today, lets work together and discover why ECMIL is The Steel of The Region.

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Storm Management

Our new collection of articles specifically designed to assist in storm and environmental management.

NB. This article is for general information purposes only and is meant as an incentive to the reader, who should then research and seek advice from their architectural and construction professionals to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory or within the limitations of their home's architecture. ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's roofing solutions to customers.

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