Building a reliable construction business with profitability

Big or small, everyone wants their construction business to be profitable and to endure.

The key components to profitability are knowing the value of your your work, how low you can bid and still make a profit, and when to walk away from a project before it begins.

Beyond these, if you are in business for the long haul, precise and persistent management of personnel, equipment, time and materials will drive your company through many, often sticky situations.

Setting realistic goals for your staff and nurturing your relationship with them, is proven to maximise performance, productivity and a culture of “whatever it takes to get the job done”.

If the experience of COVID-19 taught us anything, it was the necessity to communicate, in a team driven environment, with order, where everyone was their brother, and sister’s keeper.

So saying, the construction industry, a significant driver of the global economy, was one of the first to respond to new protocols, condensing working environments and teams,
to re-energise and open the industry after lockdown.

In hindsight, this may be the nature of construction, that it responds well to evolving environments and adapts to changes of equipment and crewing, to resolve many diverse building systems.

In our Caribbean construction environment, where traditional work was executed by small, often ad hoc teams, or individuals, it is now imperative that the industry adopts team work and networking to maintain viability and credibility.

Construction only functions in a lucrative manner when an economy can bear the burden of cost.

There are many in the past, who have tried to force up the average hourly or daily rate of tradesmen, with little justification.

While profit is essential for business, and is not greed or a dirty word, it must move with inflation, not try to outrun it.  Arbitrary costing without true calculation, will carry the net effect of forcing up the average costs of the industry, end considerable good will with potential or ongoing clients, reduce contracts and eventually cause redundancy amongst dependent employees.

There is no fast track to success, when there are too any uncontrollable variables, such as within the construction industry.

A good name, with consistency
is worth a million dollars.

In these times of supply chain deficiencies, and the emergence of new technologies, by tech savvy construction firms, changing the face of building, steady and reliable performance will always win the day.

These days, more than ever before, our society needs a sensible approach to development.

No matter the reason, as small islands states we must think in the long term; as the old saying goes, “some for now and some for later”.

At ECMIL, our cost effective ex-factory pricing makes our quality steel products a must for any builder who wishes to stay on budget.  Our prompt shipping policy to get your project moving and the durability of our comprehensive range of integrated products, makes us the best choice for your fabricated steel requirements.

Your construction business will blossom with a combination of experienced and talented personnel, and reliable suppliers with quality products.

To discover why we are The Steel of The Region.

If you are a construction professional, individual or company,
we would like to hear from you.

ECMIL services a diversity of building professionals across many territories in the region, as well as independent home owners and home developers, seeking our products and information. They often encounter difficulties accessing contact information for local construction pros.

Our website and newsletter are well established and are gateways for information, connection and commerce.
We wish to expand our platform to create a hub where both of these groups can interact, through a fully functional directory.

The potential customer can easily find contacts and tradesmen seldom miss a call, or a job.

Please provide us with the following:

  • Your contact name and company name (if appropriate)
  • Your location (island, village or town) and address
  • Your contact details: Telephone/fax number/
    Whatsapp/ Facebook/ Instagram, etc
  • A comprehensive list of your skills.
  • Any other information, such as company logo, photos of work etc. to assist potential customers.
  • Please indicate if you can supply written quotations and contracts.
  • Please indicate if you have worked with or purchased our products in the past.

This is a realistic service and opportunity to get noticed.  
Our golden rule is that 

we will never offer what we can’t deliver.  

We expect those offering their services to do the same.  
It’s our experience that if the work is good, more work will come.

The construction industry needs work at all levels,
especially in the islands of the Caribbean.

When you contact us, we will review every submission and develop a fresh approach to advertising our industry and do our best to get you noticed.

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NB. This article is for general information purposes only and is meant as an incentive to the reader, who should then research and seek advice from their architectural and construction professionals to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory or within the limitations of their home's architecture. ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's roofing solutions to customers.