ECMIL and the route to successful construction

Successful construction, whether it be a new building,
or a maintenance update or addition, requires a fusion of good architectural work, intelligent engineering, a realistic budget,
a sensible and reliable contractor, a project plan of action and quality materials.

With so many components, it’s easy to go astray.  

The budget is always the first to suffer and without tight controls and accountability, it is the single element which potentially will crash the rest.

We make many assumptions about ‘professionals’.

Sadly, we are still transitioning within the region to fully qualified experts.  From draftsmen to contractors, choosing wisely must always be based on past performance in conjunction with qualifications.  

Knowledge and experience work well in a Caribbean environment, where ever-evolving building codes and weather patterns collide.

It’s often deceptively expensive to go with
the ‘obviously’ cheapest option.

We must always look at the complete picture.

The larger contractors have greater resources, with a ‘one stop shop’ from drafting to project management and implementation.

But 'larger' can often be impersonal and unless you are a stickler for details from the very start, you may encounter
a feeling of being steamrollered into accepting less than you expected, usually for more money or time.

Remember, your project is possibly not their only rodeo and they have limited staff per job and large overheads, so initial enthusiasm may become dereliction of duty, as the expected completion date becomes untenable.

If they are experienced and good at what they do, the smaller contractor works at pace and does not promise what can’t be delivered.  

A realist who weighs the workload, materials, client wishes, delivery times and other up and coming jobs and finds the balance, to present a good final product.  

These are often more experienced, intuitive tradespeople who negotiate, keep you informed and are willing to please.  After all, they know that your job is another calling card to future work.

Personally, I love to hear people say “My contractor…”.
That’s when I ask for contact information.  
No point in reinventing the wheel.  

“Fairly priced” is value for money.  “Very tidy and organised”
is without a doubt, a dream contractor!  

Conversely “Nice fella.  His work’s OK”,
sets off all my buzzers at the same time! 

At ECMIL we are confident that our comprehensive product range will consistently meet the ‘quality materials’ component of the construction list.

We designed it that way, having had over 40 years of regional experience, meeting the needs of our great many satisfied customers.

The budget component will also be on point.  
We can consolidate your order and ship direct to you at very favourable ex-factory prices.

Sadly, we are not in the construction business to close the deal, but there are a great many choices throughout the islands.  

We always recommend that you solicit as many proposals and quotations as you can.  Review them all.  Ask questions and request firm contracts, so both parties are clear about the work and the extent of what is expected.

Then simply work with the contractor that you feel most comfortable with, after your review.

You may even wish to do it yourself...  

It’s a budget conscious Caribbean tradition which can work well, with a little input from gifted amateurs and some well positioned adventurers.  These difficult times can still accommodate new skills so go for it!

Construction is not chess
and it should not include disappointment.

DIY or contractor, make a plan and then call our helpful and knowledgeable sales staff.  We will assist you in making the most cost effective and durable choices, to get your project up and running.
There’s always time to update your home

regardless of the season.

Call us today and discover why we are
The Steel of The Region.

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NB. This article is for general information purposes only and is meant as an incentive to the reader, who should then research and seek advice from their architectural and construction professionals to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory or within the limitations of their home's architecture. ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's roofing solutions to customers.