Our abundance of colour

At ECMIL we are always happy to discuss our COLORBOND® roof sheeting collection and the fact that we offer an abundance of colour.

It is a range steeped in over 40 years of our existence, constantly appraised to provide the best possible choices for our customers across the region.

We recognise that your building is normally the single largest investment you will ever make and meet that challenge by providing a comprehensive range of variations.

When considering your home or business and the image you wish to project, your roofing profile in conjunction
with your chosen colour will play a key roll in creating
the desired effect.

We generally recommend to following considerations:

  • 10/3 Profile is a classically styled, timeless
    and traditional roof sheet.
  • 107 Profile is a modern trapezoidal, clean, linear style, which incidentally looks stunning on multi faceted roofs.

  • Spanish Tile is a sophisticated, timeless, beautifully formed roof, with its roots in old clay tiles, but its heart in exceptional metal forming to achieve an impressive end product.

All of our colours have a sophistication and make 
real statements regardless of their character.

Imperial Orange, Monica Red,
Blue Brook and Copper Penny

If you require a bright, strongly coloured roof,
then these are the most prominent in our collection.
They stand out in a crowd, emphasise a home,
or business and highlight contemporary or classic architecture.

We have witnessed replacement roofs for gingerbread houses, to post modern minimalist homes and businesses, adorned with these striking colours.

All roof sheeting colours vary at different times of the day, but Copper Penny has the added metallic glint and highly contrasting variables, giving seemingly infinite characterisations.

Teal, Woodland Grey and Manor Red

Classy stylish and yet understated, these colours
deserve strong, well established buildings.  

They are deep and moody and dramatically enhance
any form of architecture, while being a visual bridge between nature and the construction and lending themselves easily to all of our profiles.

They punch out interesting and contrasting general
house colours, while working well with similar
and pastel variations on walls and highlights.

Aquamarine and Torres Blue

These are truly the roofing colours of an earlier Caribbean and work well with clean fresh walls.

They belong equally to traditional makeovers and rebuilds and to modern takes on older themes.

So saying, their use with exciting new, fresh architecture has been proven to enhance contemporary styles too.

Pale Eucalypt, Merino,
Pale Terracotta and Alpine White

These are subtly soft and drift into the landscape, highlight roof shapes, lift dark stone walls and work equally with rural and urban settings.  If the walls are deep or dark then the highlights could take their colour from these pastels.


Classic or modern, industrial urban or rural,
The ‘Steel Feel’ of Zincalume® is unmatched
and looks fantastic with any profile.  

It can be the ultimate in drama, or the sharpest
of modern design features.  It has been used to
great effect, as a siding material, or internal
ceiling feature on many modern styled buildings, while being the pinnacle of industrial cleanliness
and efficiency.

It has also been recommended
for the catchment of rainwater.

Each colour has matching screws and flashing,
but do consider variations to enhance your roof’s singular individuality.

Contact our sales department at ECMIL to discuss how we can assist you in making the right choice for your construction project and choose from our abundance of colour.