Making Good Choices

We are good at instant likes and dislikes.  

Our sense of consumerism and social media savvy is highly tuned these days.  From Facebook® to Black Fridays and end of the month sales, our instant desire for ‘a deal’ is always up front and centre.

When it comes to long term investments such as a roof, a building, materials, security, water storage we do a lot of walking, calculating, comparing and ask endless questions.

And so it should be.  These are major life decisions with equally dramatic consequences.

We appreciate your fears
and apprehension.

That is why we focus on assistance to our customers. 
We never expected you to understand the difference in gauges of steel, coatings on roof sheeting or why flashing, bat proofing or sealing tape are essential.  

Different businesses have their own particular language and culture. ECMIL doesn't just sell steel, we translate our language to the uninitiated. We want you to know about the materials you purchase, why you bought them and what their purpose is.

We often meet the owner of the project and the builder, lone weekend warriors - bless their enduring enthusiasm, the builder on his own and of course, the lonely individuals, often husband and wife, who have been told what to buy and are adrift, awaiting a heart rending cost.

Somehow we must bring each customer up to scratch and allow them to make good choices.  After all, our materials make ECMIL an integral part of each project in which we are included.

Trust and continuity are at the core of what we sell.  Our steel is reliable and the production methods we use to fashion finished items equally so.  They are durable and delivered in a quality manner.  40 years of supply to the Caribbean region with consistency, done the right way.

The components which make a successful construction, rely on a great many inputs, based on design knowledge and experience, quality materials and contractor excellence, guiding talented trades to completion. The onus falls on the hopefully broad shoulders of the client, to make good choices from an endless sea of variable qualities and capabilities.

Knowledge lets you make great choices.

So we encourage all of our customers to ask questions.  

Construction is seldom based on anything other than consensus.  
From draughtsman/ engineer/ architect to builder, ask about your proposed building or renovation, from foundation to roof.  Know where your building will be placed how your land will be cut and your foundations will be built.  Ask about the materials, rebar and welded mesh and what they do.  

Getting involved gives our customers the courage to make better decisions as your building translates from drawing to reality.  

The rule of thumb,
regardless of pressure, 
is to ask before,
rather than after the concrete is cast.  

We have a great many more quality standards to meet these days, so having a voice is critical to getting best value.

There are many characters and agendas at play in construction, so a little stubbornness on the part of the customer is never a bad thing. It is the saving grace of many a budget!

At ECMIL we are ready and willing to walk you through the process, regardless of your experience, so that you can meet your construction with confidence.

NB. This article is for general information purposes only and is meant as an incentive to the reader, who should then research and seek advice from their architectural and construction professionals to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory or within the limitations of their home's architecture. ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's roofing solutions to customers.