Steel Secure

Resistance to the impact of nature requires steel.
It is the single most readily available, cost effective 

and versatile material to create lasting security.

Steel keeps us safe

It enables us to live comfortably, in conditions which
are far from ideal, with the confidence of established
and durable structures.

The Caribbean has been host to corrugated roofing
for over a century, as it far outstripped wooden shingles
and roof tiles for lasting protection.  

Steel is now the core strength of
our foundations, floors, walls and roofs,
fences and water storage.

For 40 years ECMIL has Crafted a multifunctional suite
of products to meet the challenges of our nature driven tropical environment.

It requires a continuous process of listening to our customers, working with construction professionals
and designers and watching weather patterns, as well as emergent technology, to find the most resilient answers.

We share our efforts with a growing regional audience, with a fearless determination to supply the best quality, widest choice and best price, delivered direct to your project.

Our rebar and welded mesh will give the required strength to your foundations, walls, columns and floors, our nails will join your rafters and door and window frames and apply your T1-11 boarding.

Choose from 13 beautiful colours in world renowned Colorbond® steel roof sheeting (24 & 25 gauge), or go industrial with reliable Zincalume® (24, 25 & 26 gauge)

Underlay your roof with PLYCO roofing insulation,
which reflects 96% of radiated heat.
Accessorise with matching state-of the-art carbon steel roofing screws, flashing, sealant tape and bat proofing.

Install dirt resistant K-Style Aluminium Guttering.  

To complete this picture, we also supply PVC & CPVC pipes and electrical conduits.

Then we can wrap your property in chain link fencing and barbed wire for ultimate perimeter security.

Our comprehensive approach
is as cost effective as it is efficient.

All of these items can be consolidated in a container
and shipped to your project site, saving you valuable construction time and providing secure storage.

We can fabricate all manner of custom steel requirements such as gates, burglar bars and water tanks, removing the problems of on site welding
and transportation.

We augment these products with readily available experience provided by our friendly sales staff.

They will recommend the best combination of materials
to secure your world with steel and make your project
a lasting success.

now read this...

Storms and Common Sense
With the incidence and magnitude of our recent storms, its only common sense to ‘up our game’ in practical terms, to meet these new forces of nature. It’s always time to be smart about safety, but now we must be as proactive as possible to protect our families and property.

In the event of a storm...

 Heed all Official Warnings. 

 Be Safe. Stay Safe. 

 DON'T take unnecessary risks.

 Wait for the All Clear,
 before venturing out from safety.

NB. This article is for general information purposes only and is meant as an incentive to the reader, who should then research and seek advice from appropriate National Emergency Management Organisation professionals,
to confirm that the recommendations expressed are in alignment with the standards and directives of their territory, which may vary from time to time.

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