ECMIL The Steel of The Region
ECMIL has already styled 4 generations of Caribbean roofing
There’s always time to update your home, regardless of the season and no better place to start than your roof and ECMIL Steel!
ECMIL At the very heart of concrete construction
Rebar and welded mesh are the foundation, stability and resistance in Caribbean structures and are at the very heart of concrete construction
Design and the Future, post Corona
Embracing our ‘changed’ circumstances, how will lifestyles, industries and construction evolve to protect us from future pandemics?
The season of storms has returned!
The season of storms has returned. List your materials for foundations, roof and walls. Call us for prompt shipping at ex-factory prices.
ECMIL and Reconstruction beyond the Volcano
ECMIL will be part of reconstruction beyond the Volcano crisis. Rebuilding is an opportunity to establish better environmental management.
La Soufrière Volcanic Eruption, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines
On 9 April 2021, La Soufrière began eruptions in St. Vincent. ECMIL is ready to supply building materials for reconstruction and continues to serve the region.
ECMIL supplies quality steel and redefines effective regional construction
ECMIL supplies quality steel products and redefines durability and effective regional construction, by ensuring international standards.
ECMIL products strength performance and durability
ECMIL products are a comprehensive collection of essential construction components which build strength, performance and durability.
Confidence to build on
Now in 2021 with confidence to build on, we will absorb new restrictions and with the best materials create safer living spaces
Getting up and running in 2021
ECMIL stands ready to deliver the materials and advice, at remarkable ‘get it done’ factory prices, to make those post COVID ideas come alive!
Celebrating change in an age of adversity.
ECMIL continues to provide quality steel products aligned to regional building codes and COVID protocols to assist fresh beginnings in 2021.
New ways to work with what we have.
Our Caribbean future may appear stalled by external forces, but at every juncture, we are finding new ways to work with what we have.
Quality Steel.
As regional construction reopens in storm season, our reliable quality steel products provide durability, shelter and secure our new future.
Zincalume® the extraordinary steel.
Discover how Zincalume® steel can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary, assist the environment and extend the lifespan of your construction.
Expecting the Unexpected, all at once.
Having weathered COVID-19, we must make preparations for our annual weather conditions. But what if all of our potential troubles arrive at the same time?
The upside of the downside
COVID-19, as dangerous and tragic as it is, has made us find new ways to make construction more productive while managing the safety of our employees and environment.