Zincalume® the extraordinary steel.
Discover how Zincalume® steel can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary, assist the environment and extend the lifespan of your construction.
Expecting the Unexpected, all at once.
Having weathered COVID-19, we must make preparations for our annual weather conditions. But what if all of our potential troubles arrive at the same time?
The upside of the downside
COVID-19, as dangerous and tragic as it is, has made us find new ways to make construction more productive while managing the safety of our employees and environment.
Construction Sites during COVID-19
A review of specific construction industry protocols and critical impact points, on construction sites during COVID-19.
Resilience and Opportunity
As our islands move into high alert and self isolate to break the back of contagion, the change should be viewed, less as threat and more as opportunity.
Making Good Choices
We must bring each customer up to speed and allow them to make good choices. Our materials make ECMIL an integral part of their project.
Understanding Rust and Resistance
When oxygen and water reacts with metal it forms a compound called iron oxide, or rust. Understanding rust and resistance is key to preserving steel.
Our Vision is 20/20
With quality engineering, a comprehensive steel product range, and excellent technical support, our vision for the coming year is 20/20!
The Aerial Art of The Roof
Drone photography, aerial art, adds a new perspective to our roof products and we derive a new sense of how to channel nature to our best advantage.
The Value of our Quality Steel
Value for money is the target. But value is also attributed to the lifespan of the product. In the case of our quality steel, it is of critical importance.
The Process of Design
The process of building design is a complex, multi faceted bouyon of principles, ideas, influences, opinions, codes, endless choices and opportunities.
The Roof
We review twelve of the most popular architectural roof styles, to assist your future choices for construction, or better understanding of your present one.
Storms and The Shape of Things
The emphasis on seasonal storms has changed. Weather patterns suggest we now broaden our coverage to year round vigilance and change the shape of things.
Minimise your Fear of Storms
You can’t stop storms, but you can learn from the past, and even change your risk factors by building effective resistance against a common annual enemy.
Rest assured with Steel
A steel roof is an insurance benefit. With a suite of products to provide value at all stages of construction, you can rest assured with reliable steel.
Forward Planning with Steel
Our weather patterns have become increasingly unpredictable. it’s already time for planned building projects to get materials onsite for project deadlines.