ECMIL The Steel of The Region
There’s never a better time to secure your home!
There’s never a better time to secure your home than Now! And given the season's unreliable weather, no better reliable steel supplier than ECMIL. Quality integrated products, promptly supplied at ex-factory prices Caribbean wide!
So you thought you knew about pipes?
Whether you are a construction professional or gifted amateur, we often take commonly used materials for granted. So we decided to clarify and define our three major PVC products which are industry standards and in use on every building site.
Caribbean environmental warming and ECMIL
The Caribbean construction industry faces unique challenges and opportunities due to the region's climate, environmental concerns, and vulnerability to global warming impacts. East Caribbean Metals Industries Limited supplies the galvanised roof sheeting which enhances the sustainability, energy efficiency, and climate resilience of buildings in the Caribbean.
Storms are a defining Caribbean moment
At ECMIL, we recommend a monthly storm maintenance action plan to protect family and property, utilising our integrated range of steel products and accessories in conjunction with our PVC/CPVC pipes and electrical conduits for storm water management.
Securing with Steel is Building for Our Future
In island environments constantly tempered by the elements, Steel secures and endures the test of time. It provides dependability and strength at all levels of the construction process and continues on throughout years of weathering and continuous use.
Quality Finishing is a Great Start
Whether you are a construction pro or a DIY novice, everyone wants a quality finish to their construction project. Our product range of international quality materials, and a focus on detail will achieve a ‘professional’ result.
Buying and building your piece of our Region
When your own piece of our region requires quality materials and service to make that dream come true, call ECMIL, and find out why we are The Steel of the Region.
ECMIL A pivotal role in regional construction
ECMIL plays a pivotal role in consistent quality product supply to the Caribbean region and maintains ex-factory pricing at a time when global price fluctuations negatively impact on the retail costs of materials.
All about PVC Pipes by ECPIL
ECPIL manufactures and supplies the domestic and industrial markets in the Caribbean region with durable PVC products.
Buying steel direct from ECMIL at ex-factory prices
ECMIL consistently provides the region with reliable and durable steel products, at ex-factory prices with outstanding customer service.
The Caribbean is alive with storms again.
As the Caribbean braces for a new wave of storms ECMIL provides tried and tested information to maintain safety for your family and property.
A New Roof Refreshes a Home!
Home upgrade? Begin with a new roof. An attractive and durable investment, securing family and property from unpredictable Caribbean weather.
‘Hurricane’ is no longer a season!
ECMIL's durable product range provides reliable year-round protection against Caribbean storms and reduces maintenance.
Budgeting for Maintenance and the Unexpected
In the Caribbean, seasons have become less defined. Maintenance and a budget for the unexpected are now necessary and perennial.
The Dry Season – A Perfect Time for New Projects
It's the Dry Season, a perfect time to work on new projects with our collection of ECMIL products, and possibly Post COVID-19 Architecture.
Fabrication and Fresh Ideas to battle a New Storm
Using steel to develop fresh construction ideas, to battle the new storm of materials supply and harsh increases in building costs.