Celebrating change in an age of adversity.

We agree that next year could not come quick enough
and life has forever evolved at light speed, from what it was in 2019!

From a global crisis, to mask wearing, social distancing, sanitisation and the overall threat of economic collapse,

if you are reading this, you have more than likely survived,

are healthy and are riding the wave of change.

ECMIL continues to play a regional role in the efficient supply of quality products, to protect and maintain our security, from the ravages of the elements.  As part of the changing landscape, our role has somewhat stayed the same.  

We have been fortunate to have kept our business open during the toughest times of 2020 and maintained our readiness throughout our annual high risk hurricane season. 

The region has largely been spared those difficulties this year, which allowed many territories to secure and mend damages incurred in previous times.

During the initial stages of the pandemic, as Caribbean countries closed their borders and businesses, ECMIL continued to supply an upturn in local business, fuelled by some degree of introspection, in both self maintenance and new constructions.

As the region implemented controls and protocols, re-opening of ports made it possible for our regular business to continue across the islands.

We are a company which focuses on maintaining excellent relationships with regional shippers, enabling us to deliver and maintain our products in a regional market. 

This in turn allows our customers to benefit from high quality steel products, at excellent ex-factory pricing, reliably delivered with knowledgeable support.

Our way of life continues to evolve
as global becomes local.

As a region, we now apply much higher standards of awareness, sanitisation and social grouping due to COVID protocols.  

In parallel, the last decade has seen vast improvements in regional construction codes, meeting and surpassing the international standards required to resist ever more dangerous weather patterns.

These, together, will meet an onslaught of future surprises,

with some degree of preparedness.  

We celebrate these changes

even in an age of adversity.

ECMIL provides quality steel products, consistently embracing this new normal.  This is reflected in the comprehensive range of products and services which we offer and bring better, more relevant technology to our customers in a timely manner.

Our suite of products are purposely integrated to meet a range of requirements, while providing choice, with affordability. 

We continue to expand our product selection and availability throughout the region and look to new and emerging markets, regardless of temporary restrictions.

We urge our existing customers and those considering construction in the New Year, to work with our highly experienced sales department, to add the best possible products to their bill of quantities.  

From rebar and welded mesh in foundations and walls,

to roofing and accessories, guttering, water harvesting to custom water tanks, chain link fencing for security, PVC/CPVC water pipes and electrical conduit, the choice is extensive. 

We will consolidate these into single shipments, providing highest quality, at factory pricing. 
The ultimate advantages are, a quick start on site, easy access to materials, reducing delays and the ability to make the most of the construction budget.

Let’s close the door on 2020... 

Contact us and find out why we are The Steel of the Region and work towards fresh beginnings, throughout the Caribbean. 

The Management and Staff of ECMIL wish our customers, 

associates and friends, a safe, healthy and cordial season 

and a positive, active and prosperous 2021.

NB. This is a news article for general information purposes only, not intended, at any point, to contradict or supersede official government directives in separate states, throughout the Caribbean region.  Please refer to local standards and protocols accordingly, prior to taking appropriate action.  As an incentive to the reader, information should be researched and advice sought from architectural and construction professionals, to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory, or within the limitations of their construction's architecture.  ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's construction solutions to customers.