The Steel of The Season

We find ourselves at the end of another exciting year, gladly spared from the ravages of major wind driven storms, still very much aware of the considerable rain and flooding within our region.  
To this end, we place considerable focus on water management and materials, through our distribution of product information and support.

ECMIL continues and intensifies its efforts to assist recovery, in some areas and supply new and ongoing projects in others. Our exceptional Colorbond® and Zincalume® quality, breadth of roofing styles in both colour and profile, comprehensive range of supporting accessories, reliable steel fabrication, PVC pipes and conduit, product advice and excellent ex-factory pricing have placed consumer focus on our business approach.

We are please to say that ECMIL products and services continue to be well received throughout the region.  Presently, pre Christmas interest suggests an upsurge of positive construction throughout the islands.  May we say ECMIL The Steel of The Season?

We travelled to Cuba, to attend
the Havana International Fair, FIHAV 2018,
for a third consecutive year.

This brought considerable interest from Spanish speaking territories within and adjacent to our region.

ECMIL continues to explore these fresh opportunities, while improving our quality of product and service, always customised to meet the precise needs of the Caribbean.

Little has changed in the past year to improve shipping availability or schedules, therefore,
we continue to thank our loyal and dedicated shippers and skippers for their focus on delivery throughout the year, truly maintaining our supply line.

The quality and durability of building materials should create industry and consumer confidence.  

As regional building codes rush to meet evolving weather conditions throughout the islands, we stand ready for improved specifications, in the knowledge that our product range already meets and exceeds international standards.

107 trapizoidal roof

We welcome innovation within the Caribbean design and construction industries and look forward to new opportunities to expand the novel use of steel, to durably protect and preserve our regional investments.

ECMIL wish to thank all of our customers, suppliers, retailers, associates and friends
for your continued support in 2018.
May the Spirit of Christmas always energise your work to build for a better future.

We look forward to assisting and supplying you in a new and fresh 2019.

Wishing you A Merry Christmas & 
A Positive and Productive New Year!

NB. This article is for general information purposes only and is meant as an incentive to the reader, who should then research and seek advice from their architectural and construction professionals to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory or within the limitations of their home's architecture. ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's roofing solutions to customers.

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