Strength, performance and durability

Our fabricated products are a comprehensive collection of essential construction components.

They play key rolls in building strength, performance and durability, deflecting and carrying the impact of nature on our lives.  

They are our defence against our Caribbean weather.

It’s therefore critically important to know that these fabricated items are indisputably reliable, made from quality materials, with excellent construction.

At ECMIL, we have spent over forty years in the region, supplying reliability, listening to our customers and delivering sustainable steel.

The steel in our rebar and welded mesh are from trusted sources, satisfying international building standards.  They strengthen and secure a great many foundations, floors, pathways and large constructions across the islands, with little or no deterioration when used correctly with quality concrete work.

Storage & Transportation

Our fabricated sheet products, such as water tanks and wheelbarrows have considerable durability, in storage and transport.  Our wire items provide security in chain link fencing and barbed wire, supported by poles and couplings, while our comprehensive range of sizes in headed and headless nails, secure timber constructions throughout the region.

Fencing & Security

This collection is protected by best quality roof sheeting with a long lasting finish.  The choice of 13 COLORBOND® colours and Zincalume®, in 3 profiles, provides a stunning and reliable roof, suited to any style.

The combination of COLORBOND® steel and Plyco Ply-Foil® guarantees an environmentally friendly approach to your roof. COLORBOND® is 100% recycled material, with weather resistant coatings, tested under extreme conditions, while PlyFoil® Insulates your home from up to 70% of radiated heat.  

Considerably less heat with maximum durability
and minimum deterioration!

For those who like to work side-by-side with nature, Zincalume® sheeting is designated as a food safe product, which, if used with aluminium guttering and a custom built steel water tank, can store considerable quantities of rainwater for domestic use.

To move or remove volumes of rainwater, we also manufacture PVC/ CPVC piping and, of course, electrical conduit.

Our range is fully supported by an extremely knowledgeable sales staff who will guide you through what you need, regardless of first time builder or construction specialist.

We will consolidate your order, from stock items to custom built steel, at ex-factory prices, direct to your destination within the Caribbean.

We consistently monitor evolving building standards throughout the islands and work diligently to stay at pace with necessary industry updates.

Through our consistency, quality, knowledge and prompt supply, we are the reliable driving force for construction materials in the Caribbean.

Project big or small, make a plan, choose a contractor,

call our knowledgeable sales representatives

and discover why we are ECMIL The Steel of the Region

NB. This is a news article for general information purposes only, not intended, at any point, to contradict or supersede official government directives in separate states, throughout the Caribbean region.  Please refer to local standards and protocols accordingly, prior to taking appropriate action.  As an incentive to the reader, information should be researched and advice sought from architectural and construction professionals, to confirm that the ideas expressed are possible within the building codes of their territory, or within the limitations of their construction's architecture.  ECMIL only recommends their own products and third party products which they supply, as part of their company's construction solutions to customers.