Zincalume® is a tried and tested high performance steel for roofing or siding, with a manufacturer recommendation for the use of Zincalume® steel for the collection of drinking water.*
Therefore, in terms of design, this product, as a cost effective and eco friendly material, creates many new avenues for its application.  From garage roofs and siding, to garden partitions and fences, modern gates and home details, this only requires a little imagination.  We have even seen the most innovative internal ceilings created with zincalume® , giving a distinctive visual punch to a modern home.

If you are considering a new, or change of roof, suggest Zincalume® to your designer, as an interesting option and call the sales staff at ECMIL.  Ask about this long serving steel and how a traditionally industrial product, can change and enhance your personal construction project.

* product meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZ 4020 - 1999 "Products for use in contact with drinking water".

Photo sources: Bluescope Steel | Strawbale House Build, Redmond Western Australia | Bougainvillea, Key Haven, FL by Burle Yates Design

With 3 beautifully crafted profiles designed to enhance your unique home style

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