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Steel Secure
Resistance to the impact of nature requires steel. It is the single most readily available, cost effective and versatile material to make your life secure. Steel keeps us safe, in both proactive and reactive situations.
Our abundance of colour
We are always happy to discuss our COLORBOND® roof sheeting collection and the fact that we offer such an abundance of colour. It is a range steeped in almost 40 years of our existence, constantly appraised to provide the best possible choices for our customers across the Caribbean Region.
Steel and energy management
Steel, in all its diverse forms and strengths is the most reliable and ideal material in energy management of our fast evolving environment.
Storms and Common Sense
With the incidence and magnitude of our recent storms, its only common sense to ‘up our game’ in practical terms, to meet these new forces of nature. It’s always time to be smart about safety, but now we must be as proactive as possible to protect our families and property.
Roof Care Cheat Sheet
Simply put, your galvanised roof protects your home 
from the harsh elements of Caribbean weather. In order to maximise that high quality performance, we present our Roof Care Cheat Sheet, a list of best practices.
Care and Storage
Care and Storage - An important roofing fact to ensure that you maximise the life of your ECMIL COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® Roof Sheeting.